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Custom stainless steel Jeep Willys replica EV electric vehicle

1952 Willys

Vehicle Data

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    Sausalito, California, United States
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  • Drive side:
    Left-hand drive
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  • Runs and drives good. I designed and built this as a prototype for a classic EVs startup it passed DMV inspection and is licensed clean title registers as a 'specialty' vehicle in CA my Farmers agent insured it less than 50 miles on it everything still essentially brand new it was my demo vehicle to launch the company. All the electronics and LiFePO4 battery bank bottom balancing (no BMS headache and potential Li batteries overheating to deal with is a *major plus*!) completed by one of the best EV conversion shops in CA - so everything has been done right see front wiring pic and batts still holding same charge they did day installed so vehicle should run trouble free and last for many years.
  • Rare full stainless steel body replica of 1952 CJ3A I bought from gentleman who owned the factory in the Philippines he has since passed away I don't know if any stainless steel bodies still available body should outlast us!
  • Custom full boxed frame built by reputable British Columbia shop it's fully primered and painted
  • 4-seater with small Corbeau jeep backseat
  • New HPEVs AC-51 A/C motor + Curtis controller professionally mated by a local shop to a new VW 4spd freeway flyer with aluminum converter plate good combo it's a peppy little lightweight EV:)
  • ~102v battery pack 32 new Calb 180ah LiFePO4 batteries professionally bottom balanced so should last for many years to come (*I designed proprietary battery box under the seats so it has enough space for 42 Calb 180ah batteries to max out the capacity of the Curtis controller ~ 134v pack which would increase range and with my design you can access the batteries to check voltage and tightened/maintain from underneath by removing aluminum cover so option to add the additional 12)
  • Controller has closed system radiator-cooled cooling system
  • J1772 charge port installed so can charge at public charging (or Level 1 trickle charger (garage 110v outlet) included)
  • Aluminum rear tailgate with locking storage box

  • Designed with safety in mind:
  • Metal body
  • 4 Disc brakes
  • Custom full roll cage connected to the frame (roll cage designed for exact fit of soft top so don't have to hassle with tricky top frame just throw over cage and snap into place)
  • DOT 4-point harness seat belts bolted to the vehicle frame
  • Mechanical parking brake (see below)
  • All lights required by law to register for on-road use [all low energy LED lights]
  • Two windshield wipers
  • Daytime running lights
  • (so it far exceeds original WWII era Willys safety equipment that are still driven on the roads today)

  • Range is approx. 50 miles and full disclosure decreases at freeway speed (a willys not the most 'aerodynamic':) but can drive freeway speed (VW 4spd so similar to Bug not going to do 100mph... but does ~60 ok) but much better range around town driving and 4spd VW good for hills if needed - adding additional 10 batteries would add to range
  • Electronic reverse switch on the dash that reverses e-motor works good
  • 12v stereo (aux and radio only) w/ 2 speakers installed and working

  • *Full disclosure few (minor) things still to do:
  • connect e-brake cable I bought custom shortened length cable (welded) to fit standard VW Bug e-brake handle (located on left side of driver's seat already installed on floor) that will connect to driver's side rear disc caliper - also have cable to connect to rear right caliper
  • maybe adjust VM front beam steering box it steers fine just a little bit of play not sure if that's standard or if steering box can be adjusted to improve that?
  • 1/4" longer lug studs could be installed in 2 rear wheel hubs not critical they're secure now I've driven it the ~50 miles with no problem but placement of rear shocks and given limited space between Willys tub and wheels I added wheel spacers in the rear (alternatively different rear wheels with different offset could address it without changing lug studs?)

  • BestTop doors included but not installed yet
  • swap current stock VW shifter with Scat shortshifter I think will improve shifting smoothness (I have Scat shortshifter I'll include)
  • not crucial but electronics builder intended to wire a 12v ignition switch the but didn't get to it (just requires wiring switch to ignition key under the dash and wire dash controller meter to it so turns off when ignition turned off)
  • Tub firewall had to be moved out to fit normal size adults and metal shop didn't finish left and right cuts on sides of extended firewall so those probably should be grinded smooth - not a big issue it has rubber floor installed but for finish touch smoothed out

  • *full disclosure* Jeep Willys are small so will fit ~ 6feet adults and below best up front (I'm over 6 feet and fit, but recommend best for ~ 6feet and below

  • Lots of $$ in parts plus labor invested it's a cool little EV one of a kind:)
  • Please feel free to ask any questions I'm sure I haven't covered everything!:)
  • PS Here's a video of it driving on local Highway: https://youtu.be/WfDifT66U2A