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1969 Pontiac GTO CONVERTIBLE~NUMBERS MATCHING!~47K~Original Sheet Metal & Int

1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Vehicle Data

  • Condition:
  • Item location:
    Florence, South Carolina, United States
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • SubModel:
    Numbers Matching
  • Type:
  • Trim:
  • Year:
  • Mileage:
  • VIN:
  • Color:
    Midnight Green
  • Engine size:
    400V8 - 350HP
  • Number of cylinders:
  • Fuel:
  • Transmission:
  • Drive type:
  • Interior color:
  • Drive side:
    Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title:


  • Convertible


THE BOTTOM LINE: This is a very nice example of a survivor that had multiple stints in extended storage. This car is the real deal and has all the paperwork to back it up. I am the second owner of the car. I purchased it from my next door neighbor on September 14, 2015. He ordered it from a Downtown Pontiac in Pittsburgh on 3/29/1969. And yes, I have the original order. The car is original as original can be. It has the original drivetrain...engine, transmission, drive shaft and rear end. All of it. And ONLY 47,000 original miles. It has all the original sheet metal. It has all the original interior with the exception of the carpet which was just replaced. I have the original owners manual and the original Protect-O-Plate..both of which are still in the original auto owner’s maintenance folio pouch! It is verified by Pontiac Historical Society (PHS). I have that paperwork and most of the maintenance paperwork done since it was new.

THE HISTORY: My neighbor ordered the car on 3/26/1969 when he was 22 and had just started his first real job after graduating college in December of 1968. He ordered it in its current color of Midnight Green with Green interior with a black convertible top. He paid $4,313.25 for it. For what it’s worth he traded in a 1967 GTO 2 door hardtop! The car was finished on 4/23/1969 and ready to ship to the dealer on 5/18/1969. This car was one of 4,385 convertible automatics built in 1969.

The car was ordered with the following options:

  • Midnight Green Metallic

  • Green Interior - Trim Code 256

  • Turbo Hydromatic transmission

  • SAFE-T-Track differential-HD

  • Radio-push button

  • Speaker - rear seat

  • Headlamp covers - retractable

  • Rally II wheels

  • Steering Wheel - custom sport

  • Console

  • Clock-electric

  • Power steering

  • Front Disk brakes

  • Soft Ray Glass - All Windows


  • The car stayed in Pittsburgh for the first few years.

  • On November 24, 1969, he took it back to dealer to have the drivers side door handle adjusted. The car had 8,160 miles.

  • On April 8, 1970, he took it back to dealer for rough start in cold. They replaced the points and cleaned choke and also did annual safety inspection. The car had 12,209 miles.

  • On October 8th, 1970, he took it in for annual safety inspection. The car had 18,327 miles.

  • On May 1, 1972 he drove the GTO to Virgina as he was moving to start a new job. He broke down in Maryland and had to have the waterpump replaced.

  • Within a week of moving to Virginia, someone jacked up the front of the car and stole the front two wheels. They put cinder blocks under the fends to hold the car up and damaged the lower fenders.

  • On May 15, 1972 he had locking lugnuts installed on the car and it had 25,015 miles on it.

  • On August 17, 1972, he had the damage repaired on the lower fenders repaired.

  • On September 15, 1972, he took it to Haley Pontiac in Richmond, Virginia to have the shifter linkage adjusted. The car was recorded with 27,504 miles.

  • On December 29, 1972 he took it back to Hyman as the engine was running rough. They adjusted the timing and recorded the car with 29,028 miles.

  • He bought another car as he didn’t want to drive the GTO as much.

  • On February 17, 1973 he took it back to the dealer to have mirrors looked at. It had 29,560 miles.

  • On March 8, 1973, Hyman Pontiac properly repaired and repainted the front fenders.

  • On April 3, 1973, Hyman Pontiac put tires on the car. It had 30,192 miles.

  • On April 18, 1973, Hyman Pontiac performed a tune up with new plugs and wires. It had 30,369 miles.

  • On November 7, 1973, Hyman serviced the car. It had 32,559 miles on it.

  • Then in late 1973 with the fuel crisis at its peak, he was transferred to Chicago. Given the high prices of gas, he decided to drive it back to Pittsburgh and park it at his mothers. And it sat there for the next 3 years until the summer of 1976. On a visit home to visit his family, he started up the car and drove it to Chicago.

  • The car stayed in Chicago with him until late 1991 when he put it back into storage at his mother’s house. He purchased some maintenance things for it in September 1992.

  • On February 5, 1994, he finally transferred the title back to Pennsylvania and the car had 41,794 miles.So he had only put 9,000 miles on it while he was in Chicago for 20 years.

  • In early 1995, he made the decision to pull it out of storage. In doing so, he bought several items from Year One.

  • On October 4, 1995 he dropped the car off to have two dents repaired in the rear fender.

  • On August 25, 2005 after the car sitting for “awhile” he sent it to a local garage to have a new master cylinder installed, brake hoses, and hydraulic cylinders for convertible top. The car had 46,180 miles. Only 5,000 miles put on over the past decade.

  • On June 20, 2006, he ordered vacuum-related items for hideaway headlights.

  • On November 6, 2006, he had some small maintenance completed. Mileage is noted at 46,210. 30 miles driven since 8/25/05 service.

  • On November 15, 2006, the car was driven 80 miles to Brady’s Bend, Pennsylvania to be stored underground in a climate controlled former-limestone mine. It was parked that day with 46,370 miles.

  • He did not see the car again until he took me to see it on September 11, 2015.

  • On September 14th, 2015 he offered to sell me the car as he would love to see it on the road again.

  • On September 18th, 2015, we made the trip back to Brady’s Bend and brought the car home in an enclosed trailer.

  • On September 19th, 2015, we drained the gas, changed the fuel filter and the oil and filter and the car started right up.

THE LATEST: Since purchasing the car, we have enjoyed it and have had a lot of fun bringing the little things up to speed. The list includes the following and all date correct pieces were used where possible:

  • Replaced battery and all appropriate plugs, date-coded wires, rotor cap and points

  • Replaced the master cylinder, power booster and rubber brake hoses

  • Replaced water pump, drive belts, and appropriate radiator hoses and clamps

  • Exhaust was bad so we installed a flowmaster exhaust.

  • Found and refinished 4 properly date stamped Rally II wheels. They are on car now. I also have the original spare with original tire plus the two original wheels that were on the car when I picked it up. Remember, the front two were stolen early in its life

  • 4 brand new red line tires in the proper size

  • Rebuilt carburetor

  • Replaced convertible top and motor. It works as it should

  • Transmission and rear differential were serviced with new seals and fluid

  • Replaced carpet

  • Dropped fuel tanked and cleaned it. Replace tank straps, fuel sending unit, fuel pump and filter

THE DETAILS: Although the car is very nice, it is not perfect. I have taken pictures of pretty much everything so if you want to see something just ask. I have tried to be as picky as possible so that you have as an accurate description as possible.
  • The car drives and shifts as it should. And it sounds great!
  • All gauges work as they should. The only exception is that the electronic does not work.
  • All lights and flashers work as they should. Yes, the hideaway headlights work as they should
  • Doors, hood and trunks close and lock as they should
  • All interior pieces, with the exception of the carpet, are original. There are no tears in the seating surfaces. There are some small marks on the plastic that makes up the back of the front bucket seats.
  • The kick panels in the lower front are somewhat faded and appear to be slightly lighter. See pics.
  • The lower front fenders are showing a little bubbling from the previous repair. Very minor and hard to notice. See pics.
  • Very small amount of cracking on rear left fender where the two dents were repaired. Not that noticeable. See pics.
  • There is a small hole in the rear right wheel well. Given that the car is so clean, I have a hard time believe it was rust. My guess would be rodent.
  • There is a little bubbling starting to appear under vinyl on top of windshield frame where the convertible top sits.
  • There are typical nicking on doors edge and front bumper. Remember this is a 47K original mile car.
  • A walk around tour can be seen here: https://youtu.be/dD4z1UlLIj0
THE CLOSE: You will not be disappointed in the car. It is a very nice original 1969 GTO. If you're looking for a 100 point show car, this is not for you. If you are looking for something that you can enjoy and feel like you are back in 1969, this is the car for you. If you don't see something you are looking for, please ask. I'm sure I have it and if I don;t I will be happy to take a picture for you. Also, if you send me a note, I will provide a link to all the pictures including the ones taken the day I saw it the first time and the owner for the first time in 9 years.
I do not need help selling it. In fact, I'm not even convinced I want to sell it! So, don't even bother with lowball offers as they will be ignored.