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1971 Pontiac GTO

1971 Pontiac GTO

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    Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, United States
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    Left-hand drive
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1971 Pontiac GTO

This vehicle was built on 4/29/71,and later sold new at Bill Beck Pontiac in Charlotte, NC in1971.Originally this vehicle was Laurentian green. The vinyl top has been replaced with a highquality, reproduction material.The sheet metal on this vehicle isoriginal, and has had no panels replaced. A factory correct hood mountedtachometer has been added to the exterior of the vehicle (optional item for theGTO). There is one small paint imperfection in the passenger door, at the lowerrear corner. The front bumper has the typical paint cracking common with thisstyle of front bumper, as you can see in the photos. There is one small,unnoticeable scratch in the drivers side front fender, I've included a photo ofthis also. Through information I have received from previous owners, the carleft Mount Airy, North Carolina in the mid-late 1990s for New York. Once in NewYork, the gentleman who bought the car sold it to his friend, who did therestoration on it. At the time the car was bought in North Carolina, it wasalready black but the interior was the original green. During the restoration,it was repainted black and the interior changed to sandalwood. The paint is invery good condition and has an excellent shine as seen in the photos. Allchrome on this vehicle is in excellent condition. The outside mirror on thedriver’s door has been replaced with an NOS part. The glass is believed to bethe original glass as the windshield is equipped with the radio antenna. Thegrilles are original and in good condition. The odometer shows 46,xxx milescurrently and given the condition of the body, chassis, and interior I believeit to be original. The previous owner also stated the mileage was original whenI purchased the car. I was also able to confirm original mileage from theprevious owner who contacted me last fall with history/information on the car.

The underside of this vehicle isrust free, undercoated, and slightly dusty from use. The exhaust has beenreplaced shortly after I purchased the vehicle. I installed two chambermufflers for a true muscle car sound, it is not obnoxious when driving at highwayspeeds. The vehicle was originally equipped with four wheel manual drum brakes,however I did upgrade the brake system to power front disc brakes using all newparts. I have all of the original parts which will go with the vehicle. Analignment was also done after the front brake upgrade was completed. Last year,I replaced the tires with BF Goodrich Radial T/A P235/60R15 front andP245/60R15 rear.

Trunk area is well preserved withoriginal mat, spare tire, and jack. None of these items were with the vehiclewhen I was purchased it, I bought all high quality reproduction parts or NOSparts to complete the trunk appearance. The spare tire cover doesn't fit aswell as I would like it to, I suspect though it is because of the tirediameter. The bumper jack is an original part in excellent condition and isstored underneath the spare tire, along with the jack handle.

The engine is a 400 cubic inchPontiac engine, believed to be the numbers matching block. The engine has beenrebuilt, and is painted the later model (1973-up) Pontiac blue. The paint isthick on the engine block, and where the numbers are stamped on the front ofthe block behind the lower radiator hose it is very difficult to see them. Ialso did not want to disturb the finish to confirm. The engine has a mild cam,and runs very, very well! Other original parts include the intake manifold,valve covers, and Rochester Quadrajet carburetor. The factory air cleaner is inplace and the lid has a "Day 2" engine ID decal added by a previousowner. I have always used a high zinc content 10w40 motor oil when servicingthe car. The engine compartment is very clean and detailed. The engine also hasa small cam, and factory HP manifolds. The transmission is a TH400 automatictransmission. The transmission is not the original, however I do know where theoriginal transmission is in New York, and the man that has is willing to sellit should the next owner of the car want it. The TH400 installed in the vehiclefeels like it has a small converter stall and a shift kit, nothing crazy butnice firm shifts. The rear end is a 3:73 limited slip factory unit.Afterthe car was restored, it was ran at Island Dragway in New York, in which itclicked off a 14.0 quarter mile time.

The interior is very nice, thoughnot perfect. The original dash pad has some small cracking on the drivers sidethat is repairable, pictures are in the photos. This is a replacement dash padfrom a 1972 Pontiac Luxury Lemans. When I first purchased the GTO, it had a1980s era AM/FM/Cassette player installed in place of the original AM radio.When it was installed, the dash surround was trimmed out, but luckily the metaldash frame behind it was not molested. Last spring, I installed a Retrosoundradio in the vehicle. Instead of using the original radio antenna in thewindshield, I used an amplified radio antenna that is hidden inside the glove box.The radio also has an auxillary output jack that is hidden underneath dash, andcan accomodate a phone/ipod/MP3 player. The original interior was also green,and changed to sandalwood (beige/tan) during the restoration. The seats,carpet, door panels, etc are all in very good condition and are original parts.The clock in the dash is inoperable. All dash lights work great, but again theclock lights do not as there is no printed circuit on the back of it. Ireplaced the headlamp switch last spring, along with the headlamp knob and rod.All window regulators work like new and are smooth rolling up and down. Bothlevers for the dash and floor vents work great and there is no issue with airflow. During the spring and fall when the heat was needed, it works great tooas does the fan.

All exterior lights work with noissues. The windshield wipers also work, I did replace the wiper blades lastyear with Anco Vintage wiper blades to keep the correct appearance. I don't usethem, as I had coated the windshield for wet visibility should I get caught ininclimate weather.

As stated earlier, I do have theoriginal drum brake components from the vehicle. I have also collected otherparts for the car, such as a new rear package tray, an excellent original dashsurround (should myself or someone want to put an original radio back in thecar), new gauge lenses, a 1971 GTO service manual, along with other vintagePontiac collectibles.

This is a very nice looking vehiclethat gets constant compliments. It drives beautiful, rides beautiful, and looksbeautiful! If you're looking for a trailer queen, this is not the car for you.If you're looking for a very nice car with minimal imperfections, or commonimperfections like cracked paint on endura bumpers, this is the car for you.This 1971 Pontiac GTO is also for sale locally, I reserve the right to end thisauction at any time. Third party inspections are quite welcome, and encouraged!More photos are available upon request.

A $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is duevia PayPal within 24 hours of auctions end, the balance due within seven daysof auctions end and/or before the vehicle is delivered. Shipping is theresponsibility of the winning bidder/buyer. If you have any questions, pleasefeel free to send me a message. If you would like to speak in person, please send me a message with your phone number and I will get in contact with you.

I request that I receive no contact from any brokers or collector car dealers wanting me to consign the vehicle with you. I will talk with brokers or dealers that are interested in purchasing the vehicle only.

Thank You for taking the time to read this detailed description of my 1971 Pontiac GTO.