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1951 Packard 300 parts car

1951 Packard

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    Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
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Packard Parts car only (no title) 1951 Packard 3 speed with overdrive transmission. Complete system—tranny, linkage, components, drive shaf, and rear end. Attached to a very tired body with NO TITLE. 327 L head engine-not running. Assume it needs rebuilding. It is rare to find a 1951 vintage Packard WITHOUT the disappointing Ultramatic transmission-think you had to special order to get a manual. Hagerty Insurance listed it among ‘6 of the worst automatic transmissions ever’ recently. This transmission was a copy of the also inefficient Buick Dynaflow that may have powered US Army tanks in WWII but didn’t make modern driving pleasant. Anyway, it was possible in the past to adapt a Chrysler 727 transmission to a Packard straight 8 but I was told a few years back that the fellow who offered this conversion bell housing adapter (think close to $2000.in cost) discontinued machining them .I replaced my Ultramatic in my 51 250 convertible and the change was like night and day. I was told that the Packard manual 3 speed and overdrive was used by hot rodders on the tracks back in the day so it’s a sturdy unit and ‘my source’ told me that he could beat others even with the straight 8 . You will find a conversion process far simpler if you have the entire transmission, linkages, column, overdrive control, firewall components, and correct rear end and drive shaft. That is essentially what you are purchasing. This may seem like a chunk to pay, but if you have a nice car otherwise that you wish to keep and enjoy, this could be a sensible investment. I have a mechanical friend who installed my overdrive transmission and is very knowledgeable about transmissions. If you don’t wish to ship this car to your home, prefer to come by truck to get what you want-entire drivetrain, rear end, etc –please 970 communicate 443 and we’ll figure 7534 out something. We have a bobcat to put the drivetrain in your pickup bed.Update: my mechanic says the engine 'turns'--clearly not running with the carburetor removed (likely have a 2 barrel around to include if needed)