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1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Roller Shell. Boss It, Mach it, You Choose

1969 Ford Mustang

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    Morgan Hill, California, United States
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    Left-hand drive
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1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach I Fastback

VIN: 9T02H182148

9 – Designates the year the vehicle was assembled.

9 = 1969; 0 = 1970

T – Designates one of three assembly plants (there are F, Rand T)

F = Dearborn, Michigan; R = San Jose, California; T =Metuchen, New Jersey

03 – Designates one of three body styles (there are 01, 02,03, 05)

01 = Coupe; 02 and 05 = Fastback; 03 = Convertible

H – Designates one of eleven engines used

T = 200 1 V 6 cylinder

L = 250 1 V 6 cylinder

G = 302 Boss

F = 302 2 V

H = 351 Windsor

H = 351 Windsor or Cleveland 2 V (1970 Mustang only)

M = 351 Cleveland 4 V

S = 390 4 V (1969 Mustang only)

R = 428 CJ

Q = 428 4 V CJ

Z = 429 4 V Boss

1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Mach I Roller Shell

Registered and Titled

Tubbed Wheel Wells

Hood, Fenders, Quarter Panel Extensions, trunk and hoodhinges inc.

Coil Over Road andTrack Racing Suspension

Ford 9" Rear Axle

WilWood Brakes with Drilled and Slotted Rotors

Flaming River Rack and Pinon Steering

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Ground-Up Restoration Available

Rust Repair

Panel Replacements

Body and Paint

Custom Fabrication

Glass, Bright-Work and Trim


Sound Deadening / Insulation

Body and Suspension Bushings

Fuel Systems

Electrical Rewiring

Seating and Upholstery

Air Conditioning

Drivetrain, Engine, Transmission and Axle


Fuel and Brake Line Plumbing

Maintenance and Repair

General Repairs, Service and Maintenance

Fluid Changes, Lube and Filter

Suspension and Chassis

Heating and Air Conditioning

Chassis Stiffening, Sub-Frame Connectors


Modern Comfort and Performance

Engine Swaps (V6 To V8, Coyote, Ford's Hemi)

Fuel Injection Systems

Power Steering (Rack & Pinion, Short Ratio Box,Bump-Steer Kits)

Disc Brakes, Manual or Power Assisted

Traditional Suspension Systems, Pro-Touring Suspensions(4-Llink, Coil Over And Air Ride)

Chassis Modification or Retrofit/Replacement, Mini-Tubs

Modern Seating and Upholstery

Custom Gauges and Dash Upgrades

Modernized High Fidelity Audio Systems

Air Conditioning and Heating Upgrades

Overdrive and Multi-Speed Automatic and Manual Transmissions

Rear Axle, Posi-Traction and Ratio Changes

Dual Exhaust Systems

Chassis Mods

Cooling System Upgrades

Performance Engine, Suspension and Chassis Tuning

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