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2010 Ford F-350 Turbo DIESEL NO RESERVE

1980 Ford F-350

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    Bedford, New York, United States
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2010 Ford F250. Condition is Used.

This truck it’s in really good shape overall but it needs a new turbo. I do not need it anymore because I have a smaller fleet and you could get this is a very reasonable price but we need to repair it so the truck is as is where is turbo diesel really good truck very clean this is a solid truck looks like there is no rust on it.

The truck has been at the dealer they installed a brand new Ford battery was like $450they did the new wipers and the oil change the reason why we brought it was because it had some recalls so they were all done. But we declined the turbo and then The turbo gotten worse.

This is the only information that I have I know it needs a new turbo but again this is as is because if I fix it myself then I will sell it for more but it does start right up and it’s ready to go I got the title and that’s the only thing that I can tell you. The turbo has been removed and I can ask them to put it back but maybe I’ll just leave the parts in the box where they are inside the truck I’m not gonna buy a new turbo and install it because I just don’t want to have to deal with it and I don’t want to pay the mechanics here in New York because they’re expensive. If somebody’s handy or somebody has someone who can do this the truck it’s really worth it.

Please note I’m not gonna and the listing for any other price just this is a no reserve listing if it sells for the starting price it’s totally fine I’m not going to end it before and I don’t need to do that so please don’t ask that question just wait the 3 days and if you are the high bidder you’ll get a truck.

Again this is a quick sale only three days and whoever it is the high bidder will get the truck I’m not gonna sell anywhere else or I’m not listing it locally at all just eBay no one else gets the truck only through eBay and don’t even ask me to do some sale outside eBay because I don’t want to do that I want to pay the fees and I want to do it through eBay I trust eBay and you should also please do not ask questions like scammers do.

Lastly do not pay through PayPal because if you pay through PayPal I’m going to return the payment the payment it’s wire check anything else that you like but no PayPal thank you.

Please do not offer less than what I started listing for it’s just not gonna be necessary I’m not gonna sell it I can fix it and keep it. Don’t waste your time.

Also scammers please do not send me offers that you are buying for somebody else that somebody does not need a broker to buy this truck you could buy directly here eBay is the safest place.

Please note I will not sell outside eBay not even if somebody from my town is asking me to sell outside of eBay I will not do that. eBay it’s wonderful and I will do business always based on the terms and conditions. I do not need to save the fee because that would mean cheating.

This is pretty straightforward eBay only no local sales.