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1969 Alfa Romeo Spider

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    Canoga Park, California, United States
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    Alfa Romeo
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Since you're reading this listing, it means you're already aware of the fact that the market for Classic Alfa Romeo's is poised to "skyrocket" over the course of the next few years (mostly because of the scarcity) and now is the right time to acquire one of these future "gems" while the market is still relatively low.
For those of you new to the Alfa Romeo product line, I will provide a very brief overview of the Spiders:
Basically, there were 4 different "Series" of the Spiders, from 1966 to 1993. The Series 1 was from 1966 to 1969. The Series 2 was during the 1970's. The Series 3 was during the 1980's, and the Series 4 was from 1991 to 1993.
The Series 1 Spiders are often referred to as the "Duetto" and are easily distinguishable by their "Boat Tail" design.
If you haven't seen the movie "The Graduate" (1967) then you should check it out, because it's a good movie, and it features the Series 1 Spider / Duetto.
The Duetto is the most "coveted" of all the Spiders, and the 1969 Duetto is the most "coveted" of all the Duetto's, simply because it has some extra accessories and features, which were not available in the earlier Duetto's, and also fewer were made in 1969.
Basically, in 1969 there was a major strike in Italy, and many factories were closed, and weren't produce anything.
More specifically, during 1969, Alfa Romeo only manufactured 2,245 of these Duetto's. Keep in mind that around half of all Alfa Romeo's were exported to America.
So, basic math tells us that around 1,125 Duetto's were imported into America, 51 years ago!
As of today, how many of these Duetto's do you think have survived?
Your guess is as good as mine!
One thing for certain, is that this definitely meets the criteria for a "rare" car!
As you probably already know, all of the really cool cars that you see at the Car Auctions (Barret-Jackson, Mecum, etc.) were at some point in time relatively cheap to acquire, with some having been really cheap to acquire.
A few years ago, I purchased most of what you see in the pictures, knowing that I would profit tremendously in the future. At the time, I knew that the only thing I had to do is wait, for Alfa Romeo to "promote" the brand, which would build an "awareness" and enthusiasm for the Classic Alfa Romeo's.
However, Alfa Romeo has not embarked on the aggressive marketing campaign (for the new models) that I anticipated they would, and we're only seeing television commercials for Alfa Romeo once in a while. As a result, I now realize that it's going to take another few years, before the market really "skyrockets" and I (regrettably) have to sell this 1969 Duetto, for financial reasons.
So, up for bid is a 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider / Duetto, with all of the major components: Shell, Engine, Transmission, Driveshaft, Differential.
All hardware and trim for the car is shown in the pictures. Take a good look at the pictures.
Keep in mind that most of the parts for these Classic Alfa Romeo's are available:

Also, you will see pictures of 5 Turbina wheels, which have been powder coated and look like new, as well as a set of 4 new tires.

Yes, this Duetto has already been registered, and I have a "Clean" California title!
The "Starting Bid" is basically what I have already invested.
Obviously, this is a "project car" and a lot of work is needed. However, anyone with "restoration" experience knows that the tried and true "formula" in order to get "top dollar" at Auction is to completely "strip" the car all the way down to the shell, do whatever "sheet metal" work is needed, paint it, and then begin taking pictures of the entire "restoration" process!
Without question, pictures of the entire "restoration" process (from a shell all the way to completion) this is the optimal way!
Check out this link:
This Duetto sold for $121K (in 2013) and I absolutely believe 100% that the market for this 1969 Duetto will reach that same price range again, within the next 2 to 3 years.
Finally, for whatever its worth, I was planning to purchase a (cheap) Series 2 Spider, which would then be used as a "donor" car for the restoration of this Duetto, since the majority of the parts for the Series 1 and the Series 2 Spiders are the same...

Have a Great Day!